Why Do Some Play Full Out And Others Play It Safe?

Why Sit On The Sidelines In The Greatest Game On The Planet?

“The Game Of LIFE”

“Important Video Below”
Why is it that some people play the game of life full out
and so many just play it safe?
Kids seem to play full out instinctively. Weather it’s
skateboarding, horseback riding, singing in front of a
crowd, cliff diving or any number of other things that
they attempt without hesitation, fear or regret.
Hell, my buddies and me use to build really shitty rafts
and take them down the giant sewer pipes all the way
to the Mississippi. “Stupid… Yes” But alot of fun.
Now I don’t recommend kids do crazy things like this.
In fact I would have freaked out if I knew my kid did
half the stuff I did.
Why is it that kids do crazy stuff all the time that obviously
could end in disaster?
The answer my friend is very simple. The lack of fear,
pure and simple, kids only focus on the outcome as they
wish it to turn out. They don’t think of all the things that
could go wrong. They just act…
So why is it most adults play it safe all the way to the grave? Most won’t
pursue what they would love to achieve. Most won’t go after their dreams.
In fact most won’t even take what is considered calculated risk knowing
the outcome could be what they’ve only up to now… Dreamed about.
The answer my friend is Fear… Not the lack of fearFEAR! They
focus on what They Imagine could go wrong, instead of
Breaking Through The Fear to seek the great rewards of their
risk. It will stop them in their tracks every time.
Below is a video by my friend Tony Robbins and he explains it better
then anyone I know.
Tony taught me how to overcome my fears by having me do a 40 foot
fire walk. Yes… I walked across 40 ft. of hot burning coals.
Now that was scary!
This video, if applied will help you to overcome fear and more so help you understand what holds you
back from achieving all that you desire that frankly, Is Already Yours.

It’s Already Yours, You Just Need To Go Get It!

Live Fearless


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