Why Become An Entrepreneur?


The Resurgence Of The Entrepreneur Is Upon Us!


Did you know that in the early 1900’s

about 70 percent of the country owned there

own business?


They were farmers, blacksmiths, general store owners, etc.

Then industry came along, people moved to the city,

worked in the factories, Big box stores came along,

corporate farming pretty much put the family farm out

to pasture and the story goes on.


The tied is changing


The Internet has changed the game!

Millions are starting there own business

on the Internet.

Easy to start, low entry fee, level playing field and

the world is your market place.

And low and behold, people are moving back out into the country,

beach, lake home or wherever you damn well please because you are no

longer attached to the Monday morning commute.




The concept of working for someone else and barely

meeting your monthly financial obligations has become

more and more suspect over the last decade.

The shrinking of the middle class.

Plus throw huge college debt on top of it. “OUCH”

bill gates

I read an article in Inc. magazine recently and my favorite quote was…

 “We need Entrepreneurs, not just M.B.A’s.
”I couldn’t agree more. Somehow, we’ve lost our way, and have this mentality that
“more school” is the answer. Contrary to popular belief, “more school” is rarely the
answer. In fact, the America educational system does a marvelous job selling the public on
“more school” and “more degrees” as the answer.Few Realize there a massive amount of highly educated people with multiple
degrees on their wall who are barely surviving in business, just eeking out a living
at best. The numbers are staggering in fact.Few realize there are a massive amount of highly educated people with multiple
degrees on their wall who are barely surviving in business, just eeking out a living
at best. The numbers are staggering in fact.New ideas, innovation, creativity, business start up, Entrepreneurship… is the
answer. Always has been, always will be…It’s Entrepreneurs who create jobs, not Government…
It’s Entrepreneurs who create wealth, not Government…
It’s Entrepreneurs who create optimism and “hope,” not Government…
And, the BIG one… It’s Entrepreneurs who Get Paid First, not Government…Most don’t realize this little secret but… if you are a W-2 Employee
(paid a salary by a company),YOU, my friend, are paid dead last…
First, your company get’s paid, then the Government gets paid
(federal taxes coming out of YOUR check), then the state gets paid
(state income tax), then Social Security gets paid (YOU funding someone else’s retirement),
then, if you have one, your retirement plan gets paid (401k and/or IRA aka:
Wall Street gets paid). Ohh, and then, by the way… YOU get paid a week
or two later.Almost forgot about ya there. Sorry….Goodness, that alone would make me want to be Entrepreneur, if for no other
reason than NOT to be a W-2 Employee. But there are plenty of other reasons.
And this particular article in Inc. Magazine does a super job laying specific
plans, ideas and concepts as to why now, Entrepreneurship is the answer.
I suggest you grab a copy.

I just hope the people in Washington have a chance to read it. There I go again


Have you ever thought of striking out on your own?
What if you had entire team to support you whose best
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What  If the business has 100% profit margins.
You have no employees, no inventory, minimal overhead, working
from wherever you damn well please and a proven marketing system?


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