Tonight, Pizza For All, On Me “Start With Why”


Tonight, pizza for all, on me !!!
Believe it or not, this is the most important
recipe for a…
Long Lasting, Highly Profitable Business.
Say what?
In Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why
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Simon explains so incredibly well about
when a business or movement is started,
the most successful ones in history and most
that still thrive today,

All Started With Why.

Let me explain using the Tonight, pizza for
all, on me example.

1. The Why is simply a belief:
I have a vision, belief or an idea that I share with
my audience, which happens to be all my siblings
and a few of their friends.

Cast A Vision
Tonight I want to buy Carboneze
pizza for everyone!
Did all of them get excited about free
pizza, most did and jumped in as the pizza got closer.

My vision has been cast.

2. The How:
Are the actions taken to realize the vision.

This requires others who know how to accomplish the vision.

OK, I’m buying, who’s flying?
And who is going to ask and write down what kind
of pizza people want and call in the order.

Boom! 5 People chime in and are ready to
move on making this vision a reality.

“Very important note”

These 5 people who volunteered did so not because you
wanted them to, they did it  because they bought into your
vision and moved on it because they wanted to.

Huge Difference!!!.

They also volunteered because the vision had now
become there own vision

3. The What:
Is everybody sitting around with a big smile, thanking you
for the great pizza and thoroughly enjoying it.

Obviously this is a very simple example of…

Start with Why

I wanted it to be easy to understand.

“Stick with me here”

Let me give you a greater example that resulted in
Billions for one company and the more qualified company
leaving the market.

Sony created the Sony Walkman. It revolutionized how
an entire generation listened to music.

Then there was the introduction of the Mp3.
Changing once more the entire music industry.
No more cassette tapes, just one small piece of
equipment that stored countless songs at the push of a button.

It also changed us from an album collecting society
to a song collecting society.


Apple did not invent the Mp3 nor did they invent the technology
to create the Mp3 player which became the iPod.
But interestingly enough they are credited with transforming
the music industry with it.

The multi-gigabyte portable hard drive music player was actually
invented by Creative Technology Ltd. A Singapore based
technology company who’s claim to fame was creating what was called the
sound blaster which was the first sound system for home PC’s

Apple did not introduce the iPod until 22 months after Creatives
entry into the mp3 market.

This example in it’s self calls into question the assumption of
first movers advantage.

Given their history in digital it was obvious that Creative was more
qualified than Apple to introduce the digital player.

The Problem…

Creative advertised their product as a …
“5 GB mp3 Player”

Apple’s message was “1,000 Songs in Your Pocket”

Creative told us WHAT the product was

Apple told us Why we needed it

How many of us can say with certainty that the iPod is better
then Creatives Zen?

Apples iPod has been plagued with battery issues and maybe
Creatives, Zen is actually better.

But you know what? The Reality is, We don’t even care.

People don’t buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It.

Start Everything You Do With Why