“Make Money Online, Simple Or Hard?”


“Make Money Online, Simple Or Hard?”


Probably one of the most frequently asked questions

inside peoples heads today.


So what is it?


Or hard?


Here is the answer you don’t want to hear…


It’s as simple as you decide it’s going to be.




was as simple/hard as you decided it would be.


You grabbed the edge of the table, pulled yourself up,

took one step while holding the table…


Easy peezie.

You took another step without the support of the table…



On your ass.


Thank God for thick diapers.


You’re determined, you look around,

unscathed by recent failure, uncaring

of the opinions of others even though

they’re laughing.


I’ll show them!!!


Get up, step, BOOM!!

Get up, step, BOOM!!

Get up, step, wobble, BOOM!!

Get up, step, wobble, wobble, BOOM!!


There laughing even harder…


Get up, step, step, step.

Yeah Baby!

Who’s laughing now?

Take That You Doubters!!!

Baby Steps…


Did we forget?

Everything we have ever accomplished of any significant

value  took basically 3 things to make it happen.


1. Determination.

You have to have the

“Come Hell Or High Water, I’m Doing This Attitude”

or all bets are off.


2. Belief

You have to believe unequivocally that you can do what you are setting out to do.

Henry Ford – “Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can’t, You Are Right”

A great book to help you with the belief issue is…

The Magic Of Believing by Claude Bristol


3. Baby Steps.

Everybody wants to make 30 thousand a month.

What if the first 30 days in you’re business you felt

like that child trying to walk? But on the other hand,

with the help of your mentors you do make measurable

progress and are seeing a profit.


Would you be concerned about the doubters around

you, cheering for you to fail to satisfy there own need

to justify their own miserable existence?


Hell No!!!


What if the 2nd 30 days you felt like your legs were

working well in getting you from point A to point B

only occasionally falling down to your knees and maybe

even crawling a little because it feels comfortable?

With the help of your mentors, progress and profit are

starting to come together.

Would that be OK?


That Works For Me!!!


What if the 3rd 30 days you walk with total confidence,

occasionally sprinting across the living room?

All while your friends and family all look on in amazement.

With the help of your mentors, consistent sales, a load off

your shoulders and a new feeling of…

I am Large and In Charge of my financial destiny!!!

Would that be OK?


Now Were Cooking!!!


Get Ready!!


After 90 days of consistently building  your business online,

With The Correct Mentors

“Those that have already accomplished what you are seeking”

“That’s a whole different Blog Post”


With the help of your mentors, what now takes you hours

will take you minutes.

The thoughts of, Will I succeed at this?

Turn to, I’m UnStoppable

Building your business becomes effortless because

you have the tools, knowledge and mentors.

“You’ve let go of the table and are sprinting across the living room”

And you now know that you have made it.

This happens to people all the time in 60 to 90 days.

If they follow directions and actually put the time in.


Don’t Let Fear Stop Or Slow You Down In

Your Pursuit Of Your Dream


Here’s the best part…


Much like the baby, once it is able to walk, nobody

can take that away from them. We’ll, the same holds

true for you, once you learn the skills of…

The Successful Home Business Owner…



Go watch the video in this blog post, so powerful!!


No one can take that knowledge away from you… EVER!!!

It’s Time to Celebrate!!!


Stay Sexy My Friend


Your Make Money From Home… Mentor

PS. Be Determined and…

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles, Starts With The First Step…

Baby Steps

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